'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Sophia Amoruso Says 'It's Been a Wild Trip' to Becoming Nasty Gal CEO

Sophia Amoruso PretaCast - H 2014
Chris Godley

Sophia Amoruso PretaCast - H 2014

The founder of mega e-retailer Nasty Gal joins #pretapodcasts to discuss her new best-selling book "#GIRLBOSS," which tells a story that is "literally rags to riches -- I was selling rags."

Not every capitalist-hating freegan goes on to run a multimillion dollar corporation and write a New York Times best-selling memoir that also happens to be a feminist manifesto – but then again, Sophia Amoruso is not your every anything. Once convinced she was going to "smash capitalism by stealing from faceless corporations," Amoruso went from scoring free bagels out of dumpsters to growing a vintage clothing business on eBay to launching a company whose brand means much more to her than an entry into the inner circle of fashion, of which she'll never truly feel a part.

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When asked why she decided to put pen on paper to tell her story, Amoruso admitted, "I've felt a little bit like an impostor all this time, hiring really legitimate people who would probably think I was a total freak for a lot of the stuff that I did, so I really wanted to control the message." #GIRLBOSS is part-memoir, part-philosophy in that it reassures women that being their true selves will lead them to the success they're looking for – even as Amoruso herself has become the kind of corporate bigwig she has always distrusted, maintaining that "convention is a nice way for us all to be secretly weird on the inside."

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