#MusicMonday: Angela Manuel-Davis' Sundance SoulCycle Playlist

Angela Manuel-Davis P 2014
Courtesy of SoulCycle

Angela Manuel-Davis P 2014

The seasoned instructor sneaks a playlist ahead of SoulCycle's pop-up studio at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend.

Beat-heavy bike rides between media interviews and red-carpet premieres? This weekend, SoulCycle is riding into the Sundance Film Festival, building a pop-up studio in the heart of Park City, Utah. With classes running from Friday, Jan. 17 to Sunday, Jan. 19, Sundance attendees can stroll by the Sky Lodge (201 Heber Avenue, steps away from Main Street) to hop on one of 30 bikes for a group class, or indulge in a private ride. And since the rhythm-based classes are a favorite among Hollywood boldfaces – SoulCycle counts Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Brooke Shields and Emily Blunt as loyal believers, and even gifted Carey Mulligan with her own on-set bike for The Great Gatsby – we're guessing these two-wheelers won't stay vacant much throughout the star-studded film fest.

SoulCycle has taken the nation by storm since founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice opened their first location in New York City in 2006, and when the company began to expand to the West Coast with a West Hollywood home, seasoned SoulCycle instructor Angela Manuel-Davis killed her audition to take on Tinseltown. "I want each ride to eliminate any disbelief in your abilities, and fill you up with the confidence and worth ethic to go out and conquer the world," she says of crafting her classes.

We supposed that the SoulCycle veteran knows a thing or two about composing an effective workout set. And we were right. So in honor of #MusicMonday, Manuel-Davis shared what she listens to when prepping for a killer workout, and also passed along a playlist of our very own. Check out the playlist below, and follow SoulCycle on Spotify for more.

What makes for a great workout playlist?

I remember the times I went to track practice, and my coach would give me a workout I believed to be impossible. Not only did I get through it, but I walked away from it feeling stronger like a champion! That's how I design the rides for my class. There is an opportunity in every class to walk away from the ride a better version of yourself then when you walked in. So I look for music that will inspire my riders to: first, want to be their best and, second, will encourage them to put in the kind of work necessary to get there. So it's a combination of soulful music and beats that hit really hard.   

Which songs on your playlist are the most popular?

Each song has a different role in the ride, yet they are all very strategic. The first song is important to set the tone and our intention. The second to last song, we're usually coming out of the work zone, so it's inspiring and encouraging. And the last song is everything we worked so hard for.

What are you listening to before and after a class?

It varies for me. There are times when I like to listen to "game day" music, which is that hard, loud music I would listen to right before a competition. Sometimes I'm listening to my personal development books and pulling inspiration. Sometimes I listen to the playlist I'm on my way to play. Or sometimes I need silence – I just need to be with my own thoughts.

Do you ever get requests for songs?

Yes! I love to play a song that was requested. If the original version is too slow, I will look for a dope remix of it.

What was the last awesome concert you went to?

My last concert was Yeezus. I love live music; I love the artistry behind a concert.

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