SoulCycle Revs Up With a Hollywood Crowd Spinning Into a Frenzy

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The New York originated "spiritual spinning" phenom opened in L.A. in time for the Oscars -- and already, it's chock full of actors, execs and moguls.

If you want to make a deal in Hollywood this week -- this spring -- you might want to start taking morning spinning classes at SoulCycle at 8570 Sunset in West Hollywood.

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Since the New York-based spinning studio opened in mid February (it opened in NYC in 2006), our spies have seen Kelly Ripa, Katie Holmes, Top Chef Tom Colicchio and MMA stylist agency head Kent Belden putting the pedal to the metal in the mornings, speeding safely to the music, and schmoozing after class with teachers and friends.

It's a full body workout, and hand weights are used, as are core exercises. Some of the classes are held in candlelight! No wonder why Tory Burch, Kyra Sedgwick, Brooke Shields, Edie Faclo and Kevin Bacon are diehards.

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This is the new power breakfast spot, people. Sure, Oscar week had its workout pressures, and New Yorkers seeking a workout comfort zone. But now we hear that agents, execs, stylists and power brokers are breaking sweat here everyday. Weekdays and weekends.