Soulja Boy Promotes Movie, Thanks Fans After Release from Arrest

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The rapper was charged with marijuana and gun possession on Tuesday, the same day as the release of his straight-to-DVD film.

On the day of the release of his straight-to-DVD film, Soulja Boy was arrested on charges of gun and marijuana possession in Georgia, in what was hopefully just a coincidence and not a publicity stunt.

Now that Soulja Boy, 21, is out of jail, he’s promoting his film, Soulja Boy: The Movie, and thanking his fans.

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His Twitter feed was heaving decorated with Tweets about his upcoming movie, which chronicles the rapper’s life. “I missed 10 interviews today for my new movie! to those companies i'm sorry! you can see I had a lil situation. the show must go on,” wrote Soulja Boy on Tuesday.

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The rapper, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, also took a moment to thank his fans.

“aye can I have a real [expletive] moment? my fans was DEEP AS [expletive] OUTSIDE THAT JAIL MAN IM SORRY!!! thats love!” he wrote.

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Soulja Boy was in a car with four other men that was pulled over for a traffic violation. The officers found guns and marijuana in the car, and the men were brought to the Carroll County Jail on a felony charge of marijuana possession, according to the AP.

Soulja Boy was recently in the news for controversial lyrics on his song "Let's Be Real," which include the lyrics, "F--k the FBI and the army troops ... fighting for what? Be your own man…" He later apologized for his criticisms of the U.S. military.

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