Soulja Boy Tell 'Em 'Let's Be Real' Video Sparks Controversy on the Internet (Video)

Vallery Jean/Getty Images

The rapper is under fire after his latest clip went viral, in which he appears to deliver the line "F*** the Troops."

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, who is perhaps best known for his 2007 smash hit "Crank That (Soulja Boy)," faces extreme public scrutiny after allegedly delivering a blow to the U.S. military in his latest video.

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A clip that went viral on Monday, Sept. 5, appears to depict the rapper performing his newest track "Let's Be Real," featuring the controversial lyrics: "F*** the FBI and f*** all the Army troops." While the video certainly looks and sounds like Soulja Boy, the Military Times notes that the song and accompanying clip have yet to be mentioned on any of his several social networking sites. Between YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, Soulja Boy is an avid user of social media, even mentioning each of them in the song.

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Retired Marine and current LA County Veteran's Advisory Commissioner Fred A. Flores demanded an apology from the "Ungrateful" artist.

"It's a very offensive statement… especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up," he told TMZ. "He should apologize to ALL armed forces."

Soulja Boy has yet to comment on the controversy and a rep could not immediately be reached by The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the video in question below. Warning: Strong Language.