'The Sound of Music': Julie Andrews Hilariously Talks Production Memories, Lady Gaga's Oscars Tribute (Video)

The Sound of Music
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Such a cheery spirit-lifter, during the Cold War the BBC reportedly planned to air the film after a nuclear strike to improve the morale of survivors. "So Long, Farewell" being the perfect post-apocalyptic melody.

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The musical has remained so beloved because "it's got children and nuns and scenery and beautiful scenery — somewhere in there is the secret."

Leave it to Julie Andrews to be hilariously nostalgic when chatting about the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music.

"Let's just say, I think it's a joke," she told Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on Tuesday, referring to the half-century that's passed since the musical film's initial release. "I think someone pulled fast a one on me — I lost 20 years somewhere, surely it's only been 30 years!"

Her punch lines continued when she was asked why the film keeps getting passed on from generation to generation. "Well, there's the obvious one, where that every 70 years, there's a new generation, but the film has to be good to last that long anyway!" she answered. "It's got children and nuns and scenery and beautiful scenery — somewhere in there is the secret."

Though Andrews actually doesn't go out of her way to rewatch the film "as a rule," she will have times when, "like this morning, I'll bump into it, and it's like an old friend. The memories are great, though — the pleasure of making it and the friendship with the children and Christopher [Plummer] continues, and I see him a lot, and the children are always in some contact one way or another."

Who else is she keeping in touch with? Lady Gaga, after her impressive tribute to the film at the Oscars. "A new friend! Yes!" said Andrews. "I've always been a fan, but when she finished what she was doing, I think I found a new friend."

Andrews, who then was joined in the segment by Diane Sawyer, then noted how she and Sawyer visited Austria — both the set and the original von Trapp villa, the latter of which Andrews hadn't seen before — for the upcoming ABC special about the film.

"I thought I might be nostalgic or sad, but in fact, it was very affirming in some strange way," said Andrews of their trip. "The tourism is based on Mozart and The Sound of Music. Everywhere you go, you see the tour advertised and plastered on the sides of buses!"

Plus, everyone is always re-enacting musical numbers from the film in Austria, including Sawyer's giving "Do-Re-Mi" her best shot. Andrews laughed to Sawyer, "You were on the wrong steps and everything, but she gets an A for effort."

The Untold Story of 'The Sound of Music' airs Wednesday, March 18 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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