'The Sound of Noise:' Get a Good Look (and Listen) at the Musical Heist Movie (Video)

Sound of Noise Masks Film Still - P 2012
Magnolia Pictures

Sound of Noise Masks Film Still - P 2012

Magnolia Pictures releases the first American trailer for their forthcoming Swedish-language award winner.

Magnolia Pictures gives audiences their first look (and listen) at The Sound of Noise, the new film directed by Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjarne Nilsson. The winner of the Best Picture award at the 2010 Fantastic Fest film festival in Austin, Texas, Simonsson and Nilsson’s film follows a group of musicians who hold a city hostage while they perform unconventional pieces using found objects.

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Following its premiere during the International Critic’s Week of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, Wild Bunch Distribution released The Sound of Noise in France at the end of 2010. Magnolia picked up the film for North American distribution after that, and the new trailer highlights the acclaim it received as well as key plot points. Pursued by a tone-deaf policeman from a distinguished musical family, a group of musicians decides to stage a “concert” in which they perform four pieces composed using random objects in their surroundings.

The Sound of Noise is being released on March 9, 2012. Check out the trailer below.