Source of Gary Hart-Donna Rice Affair Revealed

Gary Hart - H 2014
AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, Pool

Hart was the 1988 Democratic frontrunner for president but dropped out a week after news of his extramarital affair broke

It's not quite on par with revealing the identity of Deep Throat, but it's still up there. 

Former Senator Gary Hart was the Democratic frontrunner for the 1988 presidential election until word got out about his extramarital affair with then-29 year old model Donna Rice. The Miami Herald broke the news of the affair in May 1987, and Hart dropped out of the election a week later. But the Herald's source had never been revealed — until now.

Clothing designer Dana Weems is finally taking credit for blowing the whistle, according to the New York Times. "Yeah," Weems told the Times when asked if she broke the story. "That was me." 

Michael Dukakis won the party's nomination before losing to George Bush in the election. 

Weems, who is now dealing with serious health issues, explained that she saw Hart and Rice partying together on a yacht. But she expressed remorse for how big the story became. "I'm sorry to ruin his life," she told the Times, explaining that she was "young."

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