Made in South America

Lush landscapes, attractive exchange rates and experienced crew lure producers to South America

With the global recession in full swing, a window of opportunity has opened for nations that offer appealing locations and quality production services for a fraction of what they would cost in Tinseltown, Canada or Europe.

The South American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia do just that, and also boast solid infrastructures, pristine landscapes, and film and TV industries with considerable experience working on foreign co-productions. Production volume has been rising throughout the region, thanks in large part to increased government financing and private funding from local and foreign investors.

Granted, production tax incentives in these territories pale in comparison to those available in Canada and other locales, but there's no denying that favorable exchange rates and affordable services make for attractive savings. Film commissions and state-run audiovisual entities in the region have their work cut of for them this year as they urge lawmakers to approve tax incentive initiatives aimed at drawing more runaway production. Industry insiders see this as a key step in making South America more competitive on the international stage.

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