South Korea-Vietnam Co-Production Becomes Top Film of All Time in Vietnam

Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

'Let Hoi Decide' became the highest-grossing local film in Vietnam with $3.85 million

Let Hoi Decide (aka De Mai Tihn 2), a film co-produced by South Korea and Vietnam, broke records for Vietnamese cinema by earning $3.85 million, CJ Entertainment announced on Monday.

South Korean giant CJ Entertainment was a major investor in the film (which it also distributed), which opened in 70 theaters across Vietnam on Dec. 12. The film's Vietnamese partner Chanh Phung Film also produced Teo Em (aka Brother Teo), the previous record-holder, which earned $3.2 million in 2013.

Directed by top Vietnamese filmmaker Charlie Nguyen and starring popular actor Thai Hoa (who also starred in Teo Em), Let Hoi Decide is the sequel to the successful romantic comedy De Mai Tinh.

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This year, CJ Entertainment will be releasing a second joint film project created with local partners in Vietnam, 3 Girls. "It is part of the company's aim to distribute at least 10 films and produce two to three local films every year," said CEO Taesung Jung.

The Korean giant has become a major force in Vietnamese cinema, with its theater brand CJ CGV ranked as the largest cinema exhibitor in Vietnam in 2011. CJ CGV is also the biggest theater chain in Korea, where The Admiral: Roaring Currents (a.k.a. Roaring Currents), a film distributed by CJ, became the most successful film of all time.