South Korean Box Office: 'Interstellar' Dominates for Second Week


The sci-fi epic has earned $35.1 million, while 'Gone Girl' continues to perform strongly

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar topped the South Korean box office, accounting for over 70 percent of the market share for the second consecutive week.

The space drama has so far earned more than $35.1 million, according to the Korean Film Council's KOBIS database. Handled by Warner Brothers Korea, Interstellar has reached nearly 5 million viewers. South Korea, which has a population of just 50 million, measures box-office performance by admissions.

The local drama Cart debuted in second place. The film about the struggles of part-time workers premiered at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this year and made headlines for co-starring D.O., a member of the internationally popular K-pop boy band EXO. The title distributed by 9ers Entertainment took 11.62 percent of the revenue, roughly earning a cumulative $2.8 million as of Monday.

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Fashion King, the Korean teen comedy based on a popular "webtoon" (web comic strip), stepped down to third after debuting second last week.

Two other Hollywood films are also finding success in a market usually dominated by local fare. Gone Girl ranked fourth and has so far reaped $12 million, followed by The Other Woman, the rom-com starring Cameron Diaz, in fourth with $362,001. Both works are distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Korea. Two titles distributed by UPI Korea, The Boxtrolls and Boyhood, were included among the top 10, ranking sixth and 10th, respectively. Wolves (Dream West Pictures) ended up in seventh.

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