South Korean Box-Office Preview: 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Face Off Against Local Hit 'The Divine Move'

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The Hollywood film has so far cashed in $11.87 million — in spite of protests against its early release — and is expected to continue performing strongly alongside the Korean actioner.

SEOUL — The South Korean box office this weekend will continue to be a duel between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and local actioner The Divine Move, with few notable new releases and the dwindling popularity of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Dawn racked up an impressive $11.87 million over the opening weekend of July 11-13, and continues to top local offices with a gross total of $16.03 million as of Thursday.

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It opened on July 10 instead of July 16 as originally planned, much to the chagrin of local filmmakers and distributors that called the last-minute change a challenge to local business ethics. It continues to dominate local cinemas with a market share of over 40 percent.

The Divine Move is proving to be a strong contender, however. The star-studded crime actioner topped the latest Transformers film during the first three days of its release on July 3, and has firmly defended its No. 2 spot in the box office in spite of the rise of Dawn.

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Divine became the first "R-rated" film (for ages 19 and over) in Korea this year to bring in over 2 million admissions. Having attracted over 2.7 million admissions ($21.26 million) as of Thursday, it is expected to surpass the 3-million mark in the days to come as it accounts for over 25 percent of the market share.

Meanwhile, though the latest Transformers film recorded the biggest opening in the Korean box office do date this year, it dropped to third place over July 11-13. Since Monday it dropped further down the ranking due to new releases, the Korean crime drama Confession and Japanese horror flick JU-ON: The Beginning of the End.