South Korean Filmmaker Showcase to Open in Beijing

Han Jae-rim and Lee Joon-ik, among other top local directors, will hold business meetings with some 30 leading Chinese production companies including Beijing Galloping Horse.

SEOUL — South Korean filmmakers will hold business meetings with leading Chinese production companies in Beijing on Dec. 12, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) announced on Tuesday.

KOFIC, a government-backed organization for promoting Korean films, said it will hold a showcase for cineastes from Korea and China to discuss projects, as collaborations between the two countries have become frequent in recent years.

“We are anticipating great networking and business opportunities at this year’s event, particularly since Korea-China collaborations such as A Wedding Invitation directed by Oh Ki-hwan and Bunshinsaba 2 by Ahn Byeong-gi were extremely successful in China,” said a spokesperson for KOFIC.

The second edition of the annual showcase will bring top Korean directors, cinematographers, and scriptwriters. Participating cineastes include directors Han Jae-rim, who helmed the year’s third highest grossing film The Face Reader; Lee Joon-ik, known for one of the most-watched Korean films of all time King and the Clown; and Jang Hoon, who has directed such popular actioners as Secret Reunion and The Front Line; among others.

Also taking part are cinematographer Park Hyun-cheol (the Korea-China co-production Mr. Go) and scriptwriter Lee Young-jong (The Flu).

Some 30 Chinese companies will take part including Beijing Galloping Horse, the company behind John Woo’s upcoming The Crossing, and Hairun Media, the Asian country’s largest production company for TV series.

Participants will not only take part in business meetings during the showcase but will also visit KOFIC’s Beijing Film Business Center and local production facilities.

Last year, a dozen firms including Chengtian Entertainment, the production company best known for the Red Cliff franchise, and Wanda Group, the conglomerate that owns the world’s largest cinema chain, took part in the showcase.