'South Park' Arms Everyone in Town for Season Finale

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PC Principal Final Justice

“We’re going to kill him with kindness, but instead of kindness, we’re going to use guns.”

In final episode of the 19th season of South Park, everyone in the small mountain community is armed and the town gun show is treated a like a dog show. 

"PC Principal Final Justice" aired on Wednesday night, the last part in the three-episode arc dealing with online ads becoming so persistent, they took on human form.

To make themselves feel safe from all the changes, everyone in town bought a gun. And although never fired throughout the episode, characters pulled the weapons on each numerous times when trying to get a point across, or in Cartman's case while fighting with his mom over bedtime. 

“Wow, these things are amazing!” Randy Marsh amused. 

In another instance, Randy said: “We’re going to kill him with kindness, but instead of kindness, we’re going to use guns.”

With everyone armed and "safe," the town hosts a massive gun show, which is run like a dog show; contestants are graded on their weapon during individual presentation.

The 19th season was one continuous storyline that overall addressed gentrification — something that almost everyone in the town welcomed until it became too expensive to live there. 

In only South Park fashion, numerous celebrities were skewered, including Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump.

A Jenner character appeared in numerous episodes and kept running people over with her car — a reference to the deadly crash the actual Jenner was involved in that occurred in February on Pacific Coast Highway.

A Trump character only appeared in one episode and was presented as the president of Canada, which he ran so poorly, it became a desolate wasteland. The cartoon Trump was ultimately killed