'South Park' Compares Yelp Reviewers to ISIS

Courtesy of hulu.Comedy Central
'South Park's' "You're Not Yelping" episode.

"Sorry honey, this review for Applebees has turned into a fifty pager."

Everyone's a critic and South Park has had enough. 

In Wednesday night's new episode, "You're Not Yelping," almost everyone in the cartoon mountain town considers himself to be a food critic because they all do Yelp reviews. The "critics" all demand special attention or threaten a low rating for the establishments they visit. 

It gets so out of hand that the mascot of the kid's favorite pizza place, Whistlin' Willy's, kicks out all the Yelpers, inspiring all the other eateries in town to ban the self-appointed critics.

The Yelpers — who all believe they are the leader of the massive group — fight back, beheading Whistlin' Willy — taking off his mask — and destroying the business. The group is compared to ISIS during that segment and in another when actual footage of ISIS is shown.

In the end, everyone in town is appointed to be a food critic. The trade-off is that the restaurants then do disgusting things to their food, a sequence set to a raunchy musical number.