'South Park' pulled from Russian channel

2x2 suspends several shows after extremism charge

MOSCOW -- A week after being warned about "extremist" content on "South Park" and being threatened with the possible loss of its broadcast license, Russian cartoon channel 2x2 is suspending broadcast of the series along with about a dozen other animated shows.

In addition to "South Park," the channel is suspending broadcast of "The Simpsons" and "The Griffins" ("Family Guy's" Russian title), among others.

"The channel disagrees with the experts' decision (on the content of 'South Park') but until the situation is cleared out, these animated series won't be broadcast," the company said Monday.

On Wednesday, the federal service controlling communications and mass media is scheduled to consider 2x2's situation, whose broadcasting license is up for renewal Oct. 17.

Meanwhile, the channel is running an ad campaign, in which it says that the recent attacks on the channel from are being masterminded by someone who wants the channel's frequency. Last weekend, several hundred youths took part in rallies in support of 2x2 in Moscow.