'South Park' to Once Again Pack Denver Broncos Stadium With Character Cutouts

South Park cutouts at stadium
Comedy Central/South Park Studios

Previously, 1,800 character cutouts from the Comedy Central show were added to the crowd when Denver played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

South Park will once again be visiting the Denver Broncos stadium in the form of throngs of character cardboard cutouts.

Comedy Central on Friday announced that a portion of Empower Field at Mile High will be filled with all new cutouts, some from the recent hourlong "Pandemic Special" that premiered last month. The Broncos take on their rival, the Kansa City Chiefs, on Sunday.

Previously, all the characters (1,800 to be exact) from the show were added to the crowd via cutouts when the Broncos played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are huge Broncos fans, as they both grew up in Colorado and met at the University of Colorado, Boulder, which is where they brainstormed South Park.

The characters in the show also love the Broncos and the team has gotten shoutouts and player name-drops several times since the 1997 pilot.

As for the "Pandemic Special," South Park wasted no time taking a swing at essentially everyone and everything that made headlines in 2020. From COVID-19 to Donald Trump to police brutality, Disney and "chin diapers" (referencing people who do not wear a mask properly), the special seemed to sink its teeth into all of 2020. And fans couldn't seem to get enough.