South Tyrol Film Subsidy Board Hands Out First Funding

German dramedy 'Sisters' and Italian family comedy biggest beneficiaries.

COLOGNE, Germany - The German dramedy Schwestern (Sisters) from director Anne Wild and Max Nardari's Italian family drama Il regalo piu bello (The Best Gift) were the two main beneficiaries of the first round of funding from Europe's new regional subsidy body, the BLS, based in the northern Italian region of South Tyrol/Alto Adige. Of the $1.15 million (€800,000) BLS handed out in its first funding round, more than half went to the two feature productions.

Il regalo piu bello received some $310,000 in production backing, with Schwestern getting around $280,000. The subsidies are intended to increase shoots and production investment in the Alpine region, which borders Austria and Switzerland and has a majority German-speaking population.

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