Space Shuttle Endeavour Filmed in 2D and 3D

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The shoot included the arrival of the shuttle at Los Angeles International Airport and the welcome ceremony.

Organizations and individuals from Hollywood’s production community volunteered to capture in 2D and 3D the last flight of the space shuttle Endeavour — which arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday on the back of a Boeing 747, following a tour across L.A.

Among the participants is 3Ality Technica, which donated 3D gear and crew to film the events in 3D, and members of the Society of Operating Cameraman, who are contributing to the 2D production, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The shoot included the arrival of the space shuttle at LAX and the welcome ceremony, and will also cover the removal of the shuttle from the back of the Boeing 747 and transport to its future home at the California Science Center.

The cameras were placed in locations including the tower at LAX, the end of the runway and in a helicopter, according to 3Ality's Ted Kenney, producer on the 3D shoot.

3Ality CEO Steve Schklair told THR that the Science Center asked his company if they would shoot the event in 3D, though there are no immediate plans for a release. He volunteered because of the event’s historic significance. “This is a once [ever] event,” he said. “This is the end of an era; a great piece of the U.S. space program.”

For Schklair, the event had special meaning. While a student at USC, he volunteered to shoot the landing of the first space shuttle at Edwards Air Force Base. 

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