Space Shuttle 'Endeavour' Flies Over Los Angeles: Hollywood Reacts

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Banks and Chris O'Donnell are among the observers who took to Twitter to express their awe at Endeavor's final journey.

Just like New York and Washington D.C. before it, Los Angeles got its chance on Friday to catch a glance of a Space Shuttle soaring through the air on a retirement tour.

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Endeavour hitched a ride on a 747 jumbo jet from Edwards Air Force base on Friday and landed at Los Angeles International Airport in preparation for its permanent residence at the California Science Center.

The aircraft made the rounds past the famed Hollywood Sign and over downtown to give residents, commuters and office dwellers ample opportunity to snap a picture with an outstretched phone camera.

Naturally, there was plenty of excitement. Here are just a few of the reactions from around the industry: