Spain chooses 'Even the Rain' in Oscar race

Iciar Bollain's film starring Gael Garcia Bernal

MADRID -- Iciar Bollain's "Even the Rain," produced by Morena Films, will represent Spain in its run up to the Oscars as the country's bid for the foreign-language Academy Award, the Spanish Film Academy announced Tuesday.

The film, which stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Luis Tosar, is written by Ken Loach's regular scribe Paul Laverty and set for release in Spain Jan 7.

The film depicts a filmmaker who goes to Bolivia to shoot an ill-fated movie about Christopher Columbus, highlighting all the cultural and historic imperialism of such an undertaking.

From very early on, Columbus started looking for gold in the Americas and exploiting the Indians," Bollain told journalists just after Tuesday's announcement. "We've forgiven that facet of the story, but they have not in America."
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