Spain to Offer New Film Ratings Label

Rating is designed to foment sex equality and counter chauvinism and stereotypes.

MADRID - Films released in Spain can now achieve an original new rating called "specially recommended for the equality of sexes," Spain's Film Institute ICAA announced Monday.

Backed by the Secretary of State for Equality, the new rating that can appear on films is the fruit of expert consultants in social policy and equality and their recommendations on how to foment equality of the sexes.

The five criteria used to evaluate the complete work to determine if it will achieve the new rating include: encourages the elimination of stereotypes and prejudices, uses a non-sexist language that includes a female perspective, depicts a balanced home life, shows a presence and capability of women in traditionally male sectors and promotes awareness and rejection of all forms of violence.

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The film rating entity will award the new label in addition to the age-related ratings.

"This initiative falls within the framework of concrete measures adopted by ICAA in favor of a policy of equality with regard to women in the audiovisual sector," the Culture Ministry said in a statement.


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