Spain preparing new digital strategy


MADRID -- Spain's Foreign Trade Institute announced Friday that it has mapped out a new strategy to help the country's film, television and music sectors internationalize their products and meet challenges and strengthen their competitive edge in the digital age.

The institute will unveil the details of the plan at the forum "Learning to Export: Cultural Content for the World" on Jan. 17, which will pool 300 executives from the film, television and music sectors.

The new strategy, which draws on the 20 million euros ($28.9 million) budgeted for 2007-09, will include services and programs to "support business development and the internationalization of the Spanish cultural industries; the strengthening of their competitive edge abroad; training experts; and the expansion of the Spanish cultural industries' presence in physical and virtual markets."

According to the trade body, the plan's priority markets for exporting Spanish product are those with the greatest buying power: the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, the U.K., Italy, Mexico, Japan and China.

Spain's Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce Joan Clos will inaugurate the event at Madrid's Hotel Puerta America. Among top-level speakers scheduled are Philippe Kern, author of "The Culture Economy in the EU," and Globomedia CEO Daniel Ecija.