Spanish Films Perform Better Abroad than at Home

Spanish productions earned 90 million euros outside Spain, marking a 37% drop from the previous year.


MADRID - Spanish films perform better abroad than at home, earning 90 million euros ($128 million) from 16.3 million ticket sales in 2010 outside Spain and only 80.27 million euros from 12.9 million admissions domestically.

That's the upshot from figures presented by Spanish producers federation FAPAE president Pedro Perez Monday at the Madrid de Cine Spanish Film Screenings.

Despite an 18% rise in Spanish film releases, last year's figure marks a 54 million euro ($77 million)--or 37% --drop from the previous year. More than 60% of Spanish releases abroad are in the European Union, while 17.2% are in North America and 15.4% in Latin America.

More than half a dozen Spanish films, including Ilon Studios' animated "Planet 51," Daniel Monzon's "Cell 211" and Rodrigo Cortes' "Buried," grossed more than one million euros in theaters outside Spain.

The presentation took place in the framework of the Madrid de Cine screenings where business seems to be thriving.

The love story documentary about Nobel Laureate writer Jose Saramago and a Spanish journalist "Jose y Pilar," which was produced by Pedro and Agustin Almodovar's El Deseo, Fernando Mereilles' 02 Filmes and Portugal's JumpCut, has been sold to Italy's Feltrinelli and Mexico's Plan B.

Also, Spain's Cin TV announced it has "Dracula Meets Stoker" in the works, a 3D feature-length documentary about writer Bram Stoker, his family and the vampire myth.

The Madrid screenings run through Tuesday.