Spanish media ad spend jumps


NEW YORK -- Spanish-language advertising logged another strong year in 2006.

Nielsen Monitor-Plus said Thursday that advertising revenue for Spanish-language media totaled $5.6 billion in 2006, up 14% compared with 2005. There were increases of varying degrees in all six categories, and the top 20 Spanish-language advertisers increased their ad spend by 5%, Nielsen Monitor-Plus said.

The largest category, network TV, saw a 14% increase to $2.9 billion, compared with $2.6 billion spent in 2005. Local TV saw a jump of 9% to $1.5 billion, while local radio had the largest percentage increase of 31% to $739 million. National magazines' ad revenue rose 15% to $142.8 million, and cable TV ad revenue increased 20% to $125.5 million.

Local newspaper ad revenue had the smallest increase, 4% to $110.4 million.

The top advertiser was Broadcast Media Partners, which owns Univision and music and video businesses. It cut spending 9% year-over-year but remained on top by far with $264.2 million for 2006. Second-place Procter & Gamble Co. increased spending 5% to $174.2 million, while third-place AT&T boosted its ad spending 69% to $116.9 million. Rounding out the top five were Lexicon Marketing Group Corp., which owns Ingles Sin Barreras Recordings (up 17% to $115.4 million) and General Motors Corp. (down 12% to $110.2 million).

Other companies showing large increases were Verizon Communications Inc. (up 31%), the Walt Disney Co. (up 42%) and the Coca-Cola Co. (up 65%). Cutting spending were Pepisco Inc. (down 22%) and the U.S. government (down 18%).

The top 20 product categories accounted for $3.7 billion in spending, with factory/dealer automotive by far the biggest with $630.7 million. Department stores were the second-biggest category with $269.8 million in spending, Nielsen Monitor-Plus said.

Nielsen Monitor-Plus is owned by the Nielsen Co., which also owns The Hollywood Reporter.