Spanish Police Arrest Man They Call "One of the Most Active" Pirates

He is said to have personally caused more than $1 million in losses for the film industry.

Spanish police arrested a man they called “one of the most active and well known” uploaders of pirated series and films.

In keeping with standard practice, police did not release the man’s name, but said he operated with various aliases and was responsible for an estimated $1.1 million (€1 million) in losses for the film industry.

Police said they caught the Spanish national red-handed while he was uploading a series to an international server and that he was the head of a complex piracy network based in Spain, but with international branches.

Police said so far they have determined that he made some $7,700 (€7,000) in profits from one of the servers, a necessary condition for considering the behavior criminal in Spain.

A recent study of Piracy and Digital Content Consumer Habits in Spain found that nearly 88 percent of all digital content consumed in Spain is obtained illegally. Some 4.3 billion connections to pirated content caused an estimated loss of $1.8 billion (€1.7 billion) for rights holders in 2014, according to the study conducted by GFK for the Coalition Against Piracy.