Spanish Producers' Federation President Steps Down

Pedro Pérez resigned after leading the Spanish Federation of Audiovisual Producers' Associations (FAPAE) for 14 years.

MADRID – The head of the Spanish Federation of Audiovisual Producers' Associations (FAPAE), Pedro Pérez, resigned on Thursday after leading the group for 14 years.

Pérez had said after his last election as FAPAE president that this term would be his last. He ran the federation between 1993 and 1997, and then since 2003. The outgoing chief's swan song was the recent agreement that brought almost all of the regional producers' associations under the umbrella of the FAPAE.

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Nevertheless, Pérez told the federation board on Thursday that he regretted not being able to reverse the government's decision to raise taxes on movie tickets. The film sector has blamed the increase on the lower-than-usual volume of ticket sales. Pérez said he hopes the new president will make revoking the tax increase his main priority.

Pérez had two years left on his term at FAPAE. Thursday's surprise announcement has sparked speculation in the Spanish press that the resignation was linked to Pérez's name on a Swiss bank account under investigation as part of a corruption scandal plaguing the governing Popular Party. Pérez has denied all wrongdoing and any relation to the account.

Until the board convenes elections in September and a new president is chosen, current vice president Joxé Portela will assume the FAPAE leadership. Portela is also the head of the Basque Association of Audiovisual Producers.