Spanish talks look for piracy solutions

Redtel in discussions with FAP over content

MADRID -- Spain's biggest telecom operators and content providers have begun talks aimed at stemming the rampant online piracy of music and movies in Spain, the territory with the most illegal downloads in the world.

The three-tiered talks between Redtel, the association that represents Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange and Ono, and the Federation for the Protection of Intellectual Property -- representing rights-holders -- are focused on content, legal and technological solutions.

According to FAP GM Jose Manuel Tourne, content owners are looking for a gradual response that would use a three-warning system to inform the consumer of the crime, while progressively diminishing bandwidth and capacity. FAP also would like to see foreign Web sites blocked and the addition of technological filters that impede illegal downloads.

"We'll have to see if legislation will allow us to impose the necessary limitations, and if not, we'll have to address that together," Tourne told The Hollywood Reporter.

FAP expects to produce an outline of the talks' initial conclusions by the end of the month.

Spain is responsible for an estimated 18% of worldwide illegal downloads, according to FAP.