Sparks to handle global sales of 'Blades'

Swedish distributor picks up Canadian series from Insight

TORONTO -- Swedish format distributor Sparks Network is to handle international sales of the Canadian ice skating competition series "Battle of the Blades" from indie producer Insight Production Company.

The format distribution deal follows the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. ordering a second cycle of the homegrown elimination-style reality series, which sees former National Hockey League tough guys master and perform graceful ice dance routines with former Olympic female figure skaters.

Fredrik af Malmborg, managing director of Stockholm-based Sparks Network, said the combination of professional ice hockey and figure skating ballerinas "is simply irresistible."

Interest in turning local ice hockey heavyweights into Lycra-clad dancers is likely to come from the same countries that competed in the recent 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games' figure skating and ice hockey competitions, including Scandinavia, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, South Korea and Japan.
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