Spears ordered to pay $375,000 to Federline


A court commissioner on Monday ordered Britney Spears to pay ex-husband Kevin Federline $375,000 to cover his attorney fees in their child-custody dispute.

Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon issued the order in response to arguments presented last week.

Federline's lead attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, had asked for nearly a half-million dollars, while Spears' attorney, Stacy Phillips, argued that Kaplan was overbilling and that Federline can pay his own legal bills.

Gordon said in his written order that it was the actions of the pop star that led to "a great majority" of the litigation and delays in the case.

Figures contained in the order show that as of late February, Spears had spent nearly $851,000 on fees paid to various attorneys who represented her in her divorce from Federline and the custody battle.

Spears was not in court for the hearing.

Federline has had sole custody of their toddler sons since early this year after months of bizarre behavior by the pop star, who is now under the court-ordered conservatorship of her father, James Spears.

In another courtroom Monday, a restraining order against Britney Spears' friend Sam Lutfi was extended.

"The civil harassment restraining orders are continued to April 16th," Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled.

Lutfi was not present for the hearing. His spokesman, Michael Sands, had said during the weekend that Lutfi had agreed to stay away from the pop star for at least another month.

The order issued last month says Lutfi must stay 250 yards from Spears and her home. Spears' mother, Lynne, requested the order based on allegations that Lufti, the singer's frequent companion and sometime manager, had held Britney Spears hostage in her own home, drugged her and taken over her finances.

In another move, Goetz authorized James Spears to sell some vehicles belonging to his daughter.

Goetz then cleared the courtroom to discuss a sealed motion