Special BAFTA for Pinewood and Shepperton

Honored for outstanding British contribution to cinema

LONDON -- Pinewood and Shepperton Studios are to be awarded a BAFTA for outstanding British contribution to cinema at the 2009 awards ceremony on Sunday, in recognition of the key role that the two studios have played in British cinema over the decades.

Pinewood Shepperton Plc. CEO Ivan Dunleavy said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that the role of Pinewood Studios and Shepperton Studios has been honored in this way, recognizing the skills of all the people who have worked there over the last 75 years and the contribution which the Studios have made to British cinema and the U.K.”

Synonymous with world class British and international productions, the heritage of the two Studios dates back to the early 1930’s, hosting over 1,500 productions. Between them, they have been home to some of the most iconic feature films ever made including David Lean’s “Great Expectations” (1948), “The Third Man” (1949), nearly the entire Bond and “Carry On” series, “Oliver!” (1968) “Superman” (1978), the “Pink Panther” series starring Peter Sellers, “Alien” (1979), “Gandhi” (1982), “Cry Freedom” (1987) “Gladiator” (1998), “Batman Begins” (2004) and “Mamma Mia!” (2008).