‘Spectre’ Crewmembers Get Special Cameo in Latest James Bond Trailer

Daniel Craig Spectre - 2015

An "In Memoriam" wall of fallen agents lists several behind-the-scenes names.

Across 23 James Bond titles, hundreds, possibly thousands of bad guys, good guys, henchmen, Bond girls and innocent bystanders have been killed off in one way or another.

But in the new trailer for the 24th installment, Spectre, the eagle-eyed out there might have noticed that the filmmakers delved into their own ranks to increase the death count.

A very brief clip toward the end of the new teaser shows an "In Memoriam" wall littered with names of "those who died in the service of their country," including that of James Bond, scrawled menacingly in red. But among those names are several from the film’s crew.

Archie Campbell-Baldwin? No, not a fallen MI6 agent but, according to IMDb, a junior draughtsman. The same goes for Christopher Lowe (supervising art director), Chloe Chesterton (second assistant director), Benjamin Kozel (production assistant) and Hugh McClelland (assistant art director).

An appearance in any Bond film no doubt must come with a huge feeling of achievement. Those on the wall must be hoping that this doesn't signal it's their last.

Can you see any other names the filmmakers managed to sneak into the trailer below?