SPHE exec wants excitement in pic promotion

Web, cell phones and games cited as competition

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PARIS -- Inviting his audience to snooze or use their BlackBerrys if they weren't engaged by his speech, Matt Brown, executive vp international at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, called on retailers and DVD distributors to put the excitement back into selling movies if they are not to lose the consumer to other entertainment platforms.

Brown, delivering the afternoon keynote at the PEVE Digital Entertainment conference Thursday in Paris, said the attractions of YouTube, cell phones, computer games and other entertainment options were diverting young consumers away from the packaged-media business.

Claiming that Blu-ray has the capacity "to really bring the movie-watching and game-playing experience together," Brown said it was up to retailers and distributors to excite the consumer about movies again. Recalling previous promotions such as a giant Spider-Man floating down the Thames in London for the first movie and a naked lady in a bath of roses in Tower Records in Piccadilly for "American Beauty," Brown said the industry needed to re-energize the business.

"I absolutely believe we've gotten away from exciting consumers in the retail space -- in store or online," he said.