Spice Girls tour likely their last


Don't hold your breath waiting for the next Spice Girls reunion. Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, tells Billboard.com that she doesn't expect a sequel to the quintet's Return of the Spice Girls World Tour, which wraps up Feb. 26 in Toronto.

"It probably won't happen ever again," says Halliwell, who left the group in May 1998 but was a chief proponent of the current reunion. "I'm still absolutely blown away that we did more than one show. So right now I'm thinking this is it. This is the last time you will ever get to see this Girl Power, the five Spices on the stage as one."

That said, Halliwell isn't entirely shutting the door on the possibility of a bit more Spice if fans really, really want it. "What this reunion taught me is you can never say never," he says. "If you had asked me 10 years ago whether there'd ever be a Spice Girls reunion concert, I'd have gone, 'No f*cking way!'"

Halliwell has nothing but good things to say about the tour, calling it "amazing ... an experience of a lifetime. I couldn't have asked for it to be better, actually." She also refutes reports that it's coming to an earlier-than-planned end because of infighting between the five Spices.

"Actually it's gone on longer than planned," Halliwell claims, "because we thought we were only going to go to the end of January. After February everybody had commitments -- kids had to go back to school and that. So we had to leave places out that we would have loved to have gone to."

Halliwell does have her own post-Spice plan in place. In May she'll roll out the first in a new children's book series featuring a character named Ugenia Lavender, who Halliwell describes as "a rebirth of girl power." She's demurring on details until the series is formally rolled out but says, "I love writing. It's my passion. It's something I feel was very complementary to my life as a mother, to become a writer."

The next JK Rowling? "Oh," Halliwell says with a laugh, "I don't think she's shaking in her boots. "But I admire her very, very much."

Gary Graff is a contributor to Billboard. (Detroit)