'Spider-Man' Editor, Husband Feared Missing in Nepal Earthquake Confirmed Safe

Santa_Monica_Nepal_Couple - H 2015
Anath White

Santa_Monica_Nepal_Couple - H 2015

A. Michelle Page and Daniel Adam wrote on their Facebook page that they were unharmed.

A Santa Monica couple feared missing in Nepal has confirmed they are safe after a 7.8 magnitude Earthquake hit the region April 25 and killed thousands of people.

A. Michelle Page and Daniel Adam traveled to Nepal last week and were not heard from immediately after the earthquake, prompting friends and families to worry for their safety.

On Monday, they wrote on their Facebook page for their fair trade art project Nepal Art Dogs that they were safe.

"Hello from Kathmandu. We are safe, but Nepal is not," the couple wrote. "I am trying to contact my artists but there is no phone service at the time, even within Nepal. Thanks for thinking of us, but now is the time to worry about Nepal."

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Page is credited as an assistant editor on Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man trilogy.

The earthquake killed more than 5,200 people. A resulting avalanche that hit Mount Everest claimed the lives of three Americans, including documentary filmmaker Tom Taplin, Google exec Dan Fredinburg and Marisa Eve Girawong, a camp doctor with a Seattle-based mountaineering company, was the third American who died in the avalanche.

Page and Adam said that they would be cutting their trip to Nepal short to help fundraise.

"We are coming home early to fundraise for my artists' families up in the hills that have lost their homes, their food supply, livestock and relatives," the couple wrote. "I hope that they do not need this help... Still trying to contact them."