Spider-Man Pajamas: The Movie 'It' Item of the Summer

Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man

Target is collaborating with Marvel to create all manner of Spidey good, including pjs for aspiring crime fighters who want to leap off their beds and onto their bedroom ceilings.

With the box office predictions for The Amazing Spider-Man, opening July 3, going through the roof - much in the same manner as box office predictions for The Avengers did, it's not surprising there will be every manner of merchandising possible in connection with the Spidey superhero reboot. But this time, all the merch is in partnership with Target - a very lucrative deal indeed for the retail behemoth. There will be Spider-Man toys, clothing, bedding and just about anything else one could dream up.

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There will be a special web boutique at Target.com/spiderman. From décor and DVDs to comic books and toys, Target has created party decorations like the Spider-Man inflatable chair, Spider-Man piñata, plastic Spider-Man cups and paper plates. Target will also carry the Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus book, the Spider-Man 3 Blu-Ray Combo Pack, the Amazing Spider-Man Hero Mask, and an exclusive Spider-Man pajama set aimed at transforming any would-be Peter Parker into a crime-fighting machine. Now, they don't list ages or sizes in the press release--are their any pairs that would fit a forty-year-old man?

We didn't catch that there were any Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone's character) related items. Hmmm . . . But no doubt, the pajamas could also be worn by young girls, and we have a feeling trendy girls in New York will adopt the pj bottoms and wear them with white wife-beater t-shirts and high heels this summer in the East Village.

Now the question is - will Andrew Garfield see a percentage of merchandising profits the way Jack Nicholson did with Tim Burton's first Batman movie? Somehow, we think not.