Spidey has legs: $49.6 mil o'seas

Now 17th-biggest all-time; 'Shrek' 2nd in slow rollout

Bumped by "Shrek the Third" into second place domestically, Sony's "Spider-Man 3" continued its run as No. 1 internationally during the weekend with an estimated boxoffice of $49.6 million from 15,850 screens in 105 countries.

The weekend gross — a 51% decline from last weekend compared with a domestic drop of 53% — firmly maintained "Spider-Man's" hold on the top overseas spot for the third consecutive weekend.

According to Sony, the title has accumulated overseas boxoffice of $465.1 million, which means that the third edition of the superhero series has overtaken 1994's "The Lion King" as the 17th-biggest international box-office hit ever.

In 20 days, "Spider-Man 3" has grossed nearly $55 million more than "Spider-Man 2" grossed during the course of its entire overseas run ($410.5 million). Worldwide, the third film has logged boxoffice-to-date of $747 million.

The weekend's No. 2 title, "Shrek," bowed internationally in only four markets — Russia, the Ukraine, the Philippines and Romania — for an estimated $13.3 million.

Russia, the biggest territory, provided the DreamWorks Animation/Paramount Pictures International release an estimated $11.1 million, which PPI describes as the biggest market opening ever for a foreign film, 44% more than the comparable gross figure of "Spidey 3."

In the Ukraine, the weekend take was put at an estimated $1.1 million, the second-biggest market opening (after last year's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"). In the Philippines, the opening gross was an estimated $1 million from 78 screens, and in Romania, $120,000; both tallies represent the biggest market splashes ever for an animation film. (Screen counts in Russia, the Ukraine and Romania were not provided.)

"Shrek" continues its international rollout with May 31 bows in Malaysia and Singapore, followed by a 38-market blitz in June, an opening in Lebanon in July, debuts in five additional European territories in August, and bows in Cyprus and Greece in September.

"Spidey 3," meanwhile, continued at No. 1 in France (an estimated $6.5 million from 973 screens for a market cume of $46.4 million), the U.K. ($5.3 million from 1,077 sites, $57.2 million), Germany ($4.2 million from 1,162 locations, $26.2 million), Japan ($3.7 million from 799 sites, $43.6 million), Brazil ($2.9 million from 700 screens, $19.4 million), Korea ($2.7 million from 604 situations, $31.4 million), Spain ($2.5 million from 761 screens, $21.5 million) and Australia ($2.1 million from 499 sites, $16.2 million).

According to Sony, Mexico and Singapore joined Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines as markets where "Spidey 3" has become the No. 1 title of all time.

No. 3 on the weekend was director David Fincher's crime drama "Zodiac," which garnered an estimated $9.5 million from 1,400 screens across 17 territories. A Thursday screening at the Festival de Cannes helped push the Warner Bros. International release's opening action in France to an estimated $3.5 million from 376 screens, No. 2 in the market and No. 1 in Paris on Saturday.

"Zodiac" pulled an estimated $1.5 million out of the U.K. from 227 sites, No. 3 behind "Spidey 3" and "28 Weeks Later." In Spain, it finished No. 2 behind "Spidey 3" with an estimated $1.5 million from 188 situations.

No. 4 was Universal International's "Mr. Bean's Holiday," which raised its two-month international gross to $176 million with an estimated $3.5 million weekend take from 2,400 screens in 47 territories. The Rowan Atkinson comedy has five more overseas territories to play including China, Japan and Korea. It bows Aug. 31 in the U.S.

No. 5 was 20th Century Fox International/Fox Atomic's "28 Weeks Later," the No. 3 domestic title that garnered an estimated $3 million from 878 screens in 13 markets, raising its international gross to $10.3 million. (Worldwide, the tally is $28.9 million.)

The film's biggest market was the U.K., where director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's sci-fi thriller placed No. 2 in the market with an estimated $1.9 million from 402 locations for a market cume of $6.4 million. Also in the U.K., Universal bowed "Magicians," a British comedy about rival stage magicians, for an estimated $750,000 at 251 locations, enough to rank No. 5 in the market. In Korea, PPI opened "Next" to an estimated $1.9 million from 140 screens.

Other overseas cume updates: PPI's "Shooter," $41.3 million (thanks to a $1.4 million weekend at 1,327 screens in 59 markets); Universal's "Hot Fuzz," $49.7 million; Warners' "300," $231 million; PPI's "Blades of Glory," $15 million; and Fox's "The Hills Have Eyes 2," $11.3 million.

Buena Vista International figures for "Wild Hogs" and "Meet the Robinsons" were not available at press time.