Spidey nets $385 mil in 13 days

Displays 'amazing holds' in some markets despite expected drops

It's what you'd expect if you had such an enormous opening week. That appears to be the consensus of international distribution executives as they analyzed the boxoffice results of "Spider-Man 3" as it pulled in $84.1 million over the weekend from about 16,300 screens in 75 markets to provide an eye-catching foreign gross of $385.2 million in just 13 days of overseas release. The overall decline is estimated to be in the 50%-60% range but with a number of countries showing "amazing holds," according to Sony Pictures Releasing International.

The leading weekend action saw the U.K. take in $11.2 million from 1,088 screens for a 10-day cume of $48.8 million; France, $7.6 million from 972 for $37.9 million in 13 days; Korea, $6.3 million from 741 for $26.4 million in 13; and Japan, $5 million from 805 for a $36.3 million total in 13 days.

Sony stats experts reported that in three Asian markets — Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines — no film has ever made as much in its first 13 days. In addition, the stats reveal that the third edition of the webslinger's adventures was the biggest of the trio in 20 territories, achieving that mark in less than two weeks.

In certain markets, where the second weekend "usually drops like a rock," "Spider-Man 3" is said to have displayed strong holding power. Sony said that the Middle East went down only 30%; Belgium, 29%; Brazil, 41%; Korea, 44%; and Kuwait, 26%.

Despite the domination of "Spider-Man 3" in theaters around the world, a few other titles managed to make an impression. The 20th Century Fox horror sci-fi sequel "28 Weeks Later" entered the overseas market as the No. 2 weekend finisher, with $4.9 million from 826 screens in 11 countries. It arrived No. 2 in the U.K., with $3.1 million from 401 screens; No. 3 in Australia, with $610,000 from 16; and No. 2 in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines and New Zealand.

Disney/BVI's "Wild Hogs" is said to be showing good overseas legs for an American-centric comedy, as it lifted its cume to $70.3 million following a $3.4 million weekend from 2,200 screens in 30 markets. In its fourth weekend in Germany, it was off only 12%, hitting $1.3 million from 585 screens for a market cume of $9.2 million. It was No. 1 in its first two weekends in Germany and held second place for the next two. In five U.K. weekends, "Hogs" has delivered a total of $10.7 million.

New Line's crime drama "Fracture" gained a bit of weekend recognition by taking in $2.7 million from 744 screens in nine markets for a cume to date of $9 million. It ranked No. 2 in France with almost $2 million from 307 screens, while in Belgium it picked up $283,151 from 43.

"Mr. Bean's Holiday" kept rolling along nicely as Universal's slapstick comedy raised its international gross to $164.5 million after taking in $2.4 million from 2,467 screens in 37 markets.

Also in the $2 million range this past weekend was Paramount's action drama "Shooter," which targeted $2.1 million from 1,486 screens in 45 markets to provide an international cume of $38.9 million.

Summit Entertainment's "Bridge to Terabithia" just missed the $2 million mark, coming up with $1.9 million from 789 screens in 15 markets for a cume to date of $39.3 million. It held the No. 3 spot in the U.K. in its second weekend — behind "Spider-Man 3" and "28 Weeks Later" — taking in $1.6 million from 411 screens for a market cume of $4.8 million.

DreamWorks/Paramount's "Blades of Glory" opened in 14 new markets, but finished with a weekend total of $1.6 million from 901 screens in 16 countries, which included two holdover dates. In Germany, the Will Ferrell figure-skating comedy only made it to sixth place with a skimpy $343,777 from 243 screens.

Warner Bros. Pictures' horror-thiller "The Reaping" gathered $1.3 million over the weekend from 1,080 screens in 44 markets to hoist its foreign gross to $33.6 million.

Greek epic "300," still playing on 1,475 screens in 50 territories, added another $902,000 over the weekend to raise its cume to $230 million.

"Music and Lyrics" hit $93 million after singing to $600,000 on 805 screens in 37 markets.

Perhaps demonstrating "Spider-Man 3's" command of the world market is how it is faring in two prominent Asian markets. In Japan, where Spidey took in $5 million in its second weekend, it was followed by four local films: "Kitaro" ($1.5 million), "For Those We Love" ($1.5 million), "Bizan the Mountain of Mother's Love" ($1.1 million) and "Detective Conan Jolly" ($891,027).

In Korea, it was followed by three local entries: "Marriage" ($1.4 million), "Murder at Gukrak Do" ($660,517) and "Son" ($508,059).