Spielberg may quit Olympic Games role


WASHINGTON -- Film director Steven Spielberg may quit his position as artistic advisor to the 2008 Beijing Olympics if China does not take a harder line against Sudan over Darfur, ABC News reported.

China, a huge investor in Sudan's oil industry, has resisted sending U.N. peacekeepers to the country's troubled Darfur region. Human rights groups and other critics have accused China and others of breaching international rules and fanning bloodshed by selling Sudan weapons that have been diverted to Darfur.

Spielberg has been criticized for not using his position to push the Chinese government to change its stance on the issue.

"Steven will make a determination in the next few weeks regarding his work with the Chinese. Our main interest is ending the genocide. No one is clear on the best way to do this," Spielberg's spokesman Andy Spahn told abcnews.com in an article on its Web site on Friday.

"All options were on the table," Spahn told the Web site, including quitting, but his decision would depend on an anticipated statement on Sudan by Beijing in the coming days.

"We expect to hear something from the Chinese government sometime soon, very soon. We're pretty far down the road in discussions and then we'll decide if the path is productive or not and then consider other options," Spahn told abcnews.com.