Spike Lee Holds Block Party to Celebrate Prince

Courtesy of CNN

The filmmaker invited fans to his house for a party Thursday night billed as "PRINCE We Love You Shockadelica Joint."

Spike Lee wasn't just a friend of Prince's, he was also a big fan. And to celebrate the life of the legendary artist, the filmmaker threw a large block party outside his home in Brooklyn on Thursday and invited the public. 

Lee invited fans with an Instagram post on Thursday afternoon, which said: "'PRINCE We Love You Shockadelica Joint' A celebration of his life. We will dance, sing and shout to his music. Wear something purple."

The director worked with Prince on a short film for the artist's single “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night” from his Diamonds and Pearls album. 

CNN's Anderson Cooper caught up with Lee on Thursday night, who told the anchor, "We're having a great time celebrating the Prince!

"We're all stunned by his sudden death," he continued, "but he's still here in his spiritual form, and we love him." Lee also quoted Prince's song "Let's Go Crazy": "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today for this thing called life." 

Watch the video below.