Spike Lee moves to Endeavor

Writer-director-producer leaves William Morris

Spike Lee has jumped from William Morris to Endeavor.

The combative writer-director-producer left his agency of more than 15 years in the wake of the critical and boxoffice disappointment of his most recent film, "Miracle at St. Anna."

"Anna," a period war movie and Lee passion project that had trouble finding a backer, was eventually released by Disney late last month. It has grossed just $7.5 million to date.

The Brooklyn-bred director had several movies already set up by his longtime WMA rep, Dave Wirtschafter: Universal's "Inside Man 2," written by Terry George ("Reservation Road"); Touchstone's "Time Traveler," which Lee adapted himself from the Ronald Mallett book; and Universal's "L.A. Riots," penned by John Ridley ("Three Kings").

Before "Anna," Lee directed his largest-grossing film to date, the Universal heist thriller "Inside Man," which drew $176 million worldwide in 2006.

Lee did not respond to a request for comment.