Spike orders 'Auction Heroes'

Cable net has ordered eight half-hour episodes

NEW YORK -- Spike TV is betting that storage-container auctions will draw an audience.

The network on Tuesday announced a new series called "Auction Heroes." It will showcase two business-savvy friends who make money by purchasing storage containers at auctions and re-selling the contents for a profit at pawn shops.

"This world is as cutthroat and angst-filled as Wall Street, where only the most brazen can turn someone's unclaimed goods into treasure," Spike said.

"A century ago it was the gold rush or the search for pirates' buried treasure," said Sharon Levy, Spike TV executive vp, original series and animation. "In 2010, storage container auctions are the new frontier for uncovering riches."
Spike TV has ordered eight half-hour episodes, with cast and airdate to be announced at a later date.