Spin Media to Launch Streaming Music Player


In an effort to evolve its website amid competition from Pandora and Spotify, the music magazine announces plans to get into the music-streaming game.

Spin Media is revamping Spin.com with the addition of a new music-streaming player to launch next month, among other changes.

The player will debut in early March at the top of the site, where readers can listen to tracks tied to editorial content and curated by editors.

The site will also launch nine blogs focusing on music genres such as hip-hop, dance, pop and metal, in addition to pop-culture categories including film, TV, tech, style, video and breaking news. As for Spin magazine, founded in 1985, the music publication will be reduced from 12 issues to six per year.

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In 2011, Spin Media created the iPad app, Spin Play, which streams music and has been a successful experiment for the brand.

"The SPIN.com redesign aims to deliver both magazine-grade content and a more service-oriented curatorial experience for our online audience. It will be a major step forward for our users, and for our brand partners, who will have more organic opportunities across the new site," said Jeff Rogers, general manager of SPIN Digital, in a statement Monday. "The redesign also lays a technical foundation which will power many new features in the coming year."
The magazine recently announced an initiative to phase out long-form music reviews, deeming them irrelevant in a digital age where everyone's a critic. Instead, new releases are being judged in 140-character posts on Twitter via the account @SPINReviews.
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