Spirit Awards 2015: Jared Leto Still Not Finished Thanking People for Last Year's Win (Video)

The actor thanked Richard Simmons, his grandmother, his "homies at Poquito Mas" and a frog on Saturday.

Jared Leto isn't done thanking people for his Independent Spirit Award — the one he won last year.

At Saturday's Spirit Awards, last year's winner for best supporting male (for Dallas Buyers Club) came out to present the same honor to this year's recipient (J.K. Simmons of Whiplash).

At last year's show, he began his acceptance speech by saying: "In case this is the last time I get to thank anyone, I wrote down a couple names," he began. He went on to heap praise on everyone from Wayne Gretzky to the inventor of the zipper to "the makers of vegan butter."

On Saturday, he joked: "Some of you know from last year I had a rather long thank-you list, but still I was informed of a number of thank-yous I egregiously omitted."

He went on to thank: "That frog that I accidentally squeezed to death in second grade, thank you for teaching me how short life truly can be. Richard Simmons, for my flexibility, endurance and uncanny fashion sense. All of my homies at Poquito Mas on Ventura Boulevard. And last but not least my grandmother for beating me senseless with a fly swatter, teaching me that you can't get away with everything that you think you can. Respect your elders unless you want a can of whoop-ass."