Spirit Awards: Nick Kroll, John Mulaney Roast Steve Bannon, Donald Trump in Opening Monologue

"We're not in a bubble, we're in a tent [on the beach]. ... If this room leaned anymore to the left, we would literally topple into the Pacific Ocean."

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney didn't hold back while hosting the Spirit Awards on Saturday afternoon.

The duo opened the indie-lauding awards show, or "Hollywood's biggest afternoon," with punchlines centering on Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Mel Gibson, Shia LaBeouf and Casey Affleck.

"We like to think of these awards as the ones without Mel Gibson," said Kroll of the Hacksaw Ridge director. "People wondered: how long would it take Hollywood to forgive someone for anti-semitic, racist hate speech?" Mulaney answered, "Eight years! So look out for the 2024 Oscars, when the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award goes to Mr. Steve Bannon."

"The only reason he got that job is because he's so hot," continued Kroll. "He looks like if Nick Offerman drowned." Mulaney added of Bannon, "Oh, those chapped kneecaps!"

Kroll also booed Trump's rollback of Trump's removal of bathroom protections for transgender students "because transgender children in public schools have had it too good for too long." Mulaney noted, "Hey Trump, you and Robert Durst are both rich sociopaths from New York, but somehow Robert Durst is more likable."

And to those winners who want to make political acceptance speeches, Mulaney reminded them that they're being broadcast on IFC: "You can deliver your speech directly into camera, or you can whisper it to yourself in the bathroom."

Kroll further stressed, "We're not in a bubble, we're in a tent [on the beach]. ... If this room leaned anymore to the left, we would literally topple into the Pacific Ocean."

The two also poked fun at the nominated films. "These films are, to quote the president, 'Sad!'" said Mulaney, with Kroll stressing, "These movies were so harsh, I had to watch A Dog's Purpose to cheer up, and I mean the behind-the-scenes footage!"

Of the nominated titles, Casey Affleck starred in Manchester by the Sea as "a man who is living in the shadow of his older brother — what a reach!" and Moonlight was directed by Barry Jenkins, the name Trump thinks is also Barack Obama's name. They also had a joke about American Honey star LaBeouf about getting arrested at his art installation, but then he did in fact get arrested again and was not in attendance.

They also took a moment to showcase 20th Century Women's Annette Bening, and subjected Warren Beatty to the questions usually asked of a star's wife. "Who are you wearing, honey?" asked Mulaney. "Oh you also do movies? You're very lucky to be married to her."

The 32nd Film Independent Spirit Awards aired live on IFC on Saturday, Feb. 25. Nick Kroll and John Mulaney hosted the ceremony, held in a tent on the beach in Santa Monica.