Spirit Awards: Willem Dafoe Dedicates Award to Co-Star Robert Pattinson

The 'Lighthouse' actor took home the second Spirit Award of his career.

Willem Dafoe on Saturday received his second Film Independent Spirit Award for best supporting male for his role in The Lighthouse

Dafoe stars alongside best male lead nominee Robert Pattinson in the film about two lighthouse keepers who try to maintain their sanity living on a remote and mysterious island in 1890s New England.

It was Dafoe's fourth nomination and second win; his first was in 2001 for his lead role in Shadow of the Vampire.

Dafoe began his acceptance speech saying that he was going to "break the rules" by reading from a prepared speech. In it, the actor thanked Film Independent and Lighthouse director Robert Eggers. Dafoe said that he had seen Eggers' previous film The Witch and was excited when the filmmaker asked him to be in his next movie.

He went on to explain how much he enjoyed working on The Lighthouse, except in times of inclement weather. 

"[The Lighthouse] had beautiful, elevated language. … It was a mix of classicism and fierce experimentation," the actor said before quickly adding, "The weather sucked, but it was fun." 

After thanking A24 and several others, Dafoe dedicated his win to his co-star, Robert Pattinson with a quote from the film: "It takes two to tango — he's not here, but I share this with Rob Pattinson, and remember, 'It's bad luck to kill a sea bird.'"