SpongeBob and Patrick Set Out to Find Gary in 'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run' Trailer

Tom Kenny, Awkwafina, Reggie Watts and Keanu Reeves all lend their voices to the upcoming Paramount film about the absorbent, porous and yellow creature who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

In the trailer for Paramount Pictures' animated film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, SpongeBob's beloved pet Gary is snailnapped.

When Gary the Snail goes missing, SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) and Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke) set out for the Lost City of Atlantic City to bring Gary back to Bikini Bottom. As they navigate the ups and downs of the rescue mission, SpongeBob and his friend prove that there's nothing stronger than the power of friendship.

Awkwafina, Reggie Watts and Keanu Reeves also voice characters in the film directed by Tim Hill, while Cyndi Lauper wrote original songs.

The trailer begins with SpongeBob enthusiastically opening up The Krusty Krab. "I love my life," he declares as the restaurant's customers cheer for him.

Back at home, SpongeBob tells Gary that he loves him, and they reminisce about the day they met. A flashback then shows a young SpongeBob at Camp Coral. After he falls down a set of stairs, SpongeBob meets the snail, and he asks his future pet if they could be friends. The snail responds by throwing up on SpongeBob.

When the trailer returns to present day, SpongeBob realizes that Gary has disappeared. "Gary's been snailnapped," he concludes.

SpongeBob soon recruits Patrick to help find Gary, and the best friends set out on an epic adventure. While on their quest, they cross paths with a pile of sage that Reeves' head floats in the middle of. "Call me Sage," says Reeves' character. "I'm made out of sage and I am a sage. So it works out pretty well."

The sponge and starfish later arrive at the Lost City of Atlantic City, where they become easily distracted by cotton candy, ice cream, churros and gambling.

"This is gonna be like a buddy movie," Patrick says as they ride in a car. SpongeBob replies, "Oh, I love your sense of irony, Patrick." The starfish responds by breaking out his ironing board and running an iron over a sweater. "I love my sense of ironing too."

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run will be in theaters on May 22. Watch the full trailer above.