Sponsored: American Airlines Launches Flagship First Dining Experience at JFK International Airport

"It's an experience unlike any other," says director of premium services Nick Richards on the airline's new dining experience.

This post was written in collaboration with American Airlines. The editorial department of The Hollywood Reporter was not involved in the creation of this story.

American Airlines has launched the first of their Flagship First® Dining experiences at JFK International Airport in New York. The idea behind this exclusive lounge for Flagship First® class passengers is to provide a unique and elevated dining experience before their flight. "We developed this sit down dining concept, which really allows for them to dine on their own time prior to their flight so that they can maximize that time onboard the aircraft," explains Director of Premium Services, Nick Richards.

The seasonal, multi-course menu features regionally inspired dishes and locally sourced ingredients. But their signature dish is the Flagship Burger, which has received rave reviews. "Because we're an American airline, we thought we should have something iconic to the Americana culture," Richards says. "What better than the cheeseburger?"

The Flagship Burger is just one of the many regionally inspired dishes that use locally sourced ingredients. The menu is constantly evolving, something that they hope to do as they expand to more locations including Miami, Dallas Fort Worth, Los Angeles and London Heathrow.

Learn more about Flagship First® Dining and their Flagship Burger in the video above.