Sports host Kurt Browning's home hit by fire

Fire started after leaf blower was used to dry interior of car

TORONTO -- Drying your Porsche convertible seats with a leaf blower in the garage, not a good idea, TV figure skating commentator Kurt Browning discovered.

The four-time Canadian figure skating champion turned CBC, NBC and Fox sports analyst saw his Toronto mansion gutted by fire Wednesday.

Toronto fire services north division commander Bob O'Hallarn told a press conference that the blaze was preventable considering there are better ways to dry the interior of a convertible after a sudden downpour.

"[Browning] was using a leaf blower to try to get some air flowing through there to dry out [the interior] and when he returned he found the car in flames," O'Hallarn recounted.

Browning, who went for gold at three Winter Olympic Games for Canada, his son and a painter escaped the massive blaze without injury.

Browning was most recently a co-host of the CBC reality TV series "Battle of the Blades," and has made a number of TV skating specials, including "Kurt Browning Gotta Skate," "Ice Wars" and "Kurt Browning: Life on the Edge."