Former 'Sports Illustrated' Model Cheryl Tiegs Criticizes Cover Star Ashley Graham

Getty Images
Cheryl Tiegs, left, and Ashley Graham

"I don't like that we're talking about full-figured women because it's glamorizing them."

Ashley Graham made headlines last week when she became the first "plus-size" model to land the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, sharing the honor with UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and fellow model Hailey Clauson. While the reaction to SI's decision to have Graham grace its cover has been positive, not everyone seems to agree that it was a good idea.

Cheryl Tiegs, a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who has covered the glossy several times in the past, told E! News on Wednesday evening that she felt the magazine was sending an unhealthy message to its readers.

"I don't like that we're talking about full-figured women because it's glamorizing them because your waist should be smaller than 35 [inches]," she said while attending the Global Green USA pre-Oscar party. "That's what Dr. Oz said, and I'm sticking to it." (It's worth pointing out that only one-third of the claims made by Dr. Oz on his show are backed by medical evidence, according to The Los Angeles Times.)

Tiegs then tried to offer this compliment: "Her face is beautiful. Beautiful. But I don't think it's healthy in the long run."

Regardless of what Tiegs has to say, it looks like Graham has plenty of support from fans, as evidenced by a number of comments on Instagram. "I never expected to have such a strong reaction to Cheryl Tiegs' comments. I know you don't need my validation but you are beautiful, healthy, gorgeous and worthy of adoration," wrote one follower. Another said: "Im so disgusted by cheryl tiegs comment about ur cover not being healthy. I thank god for people seeing that models arent just size 0 anymore."